Short Order – A fast service restaurant in LA

In the beginning – the story of Short Order LA

The story of Short Order in LA begins back in 2011. The business was started by Bill Chait and Amy Pressman. Their dream was to put a modern twist on the classic fast service casual restaurant style that is always popular and everyone loves. Amy Pressman got together with her good friend Nancy Silverton and created a menu of classic diner dishes. They wanted to offer comforting, classic American food, simply presented and packed full of flavour. No gimmicks, just good honest, tasty food. Items such as burgers and melts, accompanied by fries and salads. All cooked fast, so you weren’t left waiting for ages. Love and dedication was brought by chefs Amy Pressman and Nancy Silverton to the Short Order.

The perfect place to dine out

The atmosphere at Short Order LA was brilliant, it was so relaxed. Even though it was a fast service restaurant, you never felt rushed. You could happily take the time to chat and indulge in a wonderful meal, and linger over a cocktail or two. The restaurant was open 7 days a week, so no matter what day it was, you could treat yourself to a burger or salad at Short Order. It was open from 11am until 10pm every day, so you could go for a late breakfast, lunch or an evening meal.

A great support for local farmers

The owners, and the chef, Christian Page, were all passionate about supporting local farmers. So they used local ingredients as often as they could. Sustainability was a high priority at Short Order LA. Most dishes were made from scratch on the premises, even the baked goods.

Stunning cocktails for a special treat

It wasn’t all about the food at the Short Order restaurant, they also had an amazing selection of cocktails that certainly brought in the customers. Even if you weren’t feeling hungry, it was well worth a visit to Short Order to have a cocktail created for you by the mixologists Josh Goldman and Julian Cox.

Tasty Starters to whet your appetite

All the best meals begin with a great starter, and you’d never be disappointed at Short Order. There were plenty to choose from. These dishes were also great as a snack or a side dish with a burger. There was always a unique twist when you chose a menu item from Short Order. For instance, everyone loves spicy hot wings, and you tend to get used to how they are served, perhaps with a little BBQ sauce or hot sauce, but at Short Order, they served their spicy hot wings with a gorgeous spicy caramelized pineapple sauce. It was truly inspired and brought customers coming back time and time again for these extra special spicy chicken wings. The sweet potato fries were also rather special. They were cooked with cinnamon and thyme to give them a really unique flavour that was unique to Short Order LA. There were also plenty of great starters on offer for anyone who was vegetarian or vegan. The grilled portobello mushroom with smokey romesco was such a filling dish it was like a main course all by itself, and the charred green beans were a great vegetarian option too, made more exciting with the addition of feta cheese and picked red onions.

Some truly special salads

If you wanted a lighter dish, or perhaps you were watching your weight and didn’t want to pile on the pounds with a burger and fries, then you could always pick something delicious from the extensive menu of salads. The Tuna Nicoise was always popular, and was served as a marinated albacore, line caught patty. This was served with frisee lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, garden beans and a flavorsome mustard vinaigrette. It was topped with a fresh fried egg. If you wanted a smaller salad, perhaps as a side dish, then the Market Salad was a really decadent treat. This consisted of celery, dill, fresh greens, cucumber and was generously drizzled by an amazing champagne vinaigrette.

The best burgers you’ve ever tasted

Where Short Order really excelled though, was with their burgers. They really knew how to cook a great burger! Whatever type of burger you preferred, you’d find something to suit on the menu. There was traditional beef burgers of course, but they also offered turkey burgers, lamb burgers, vegetarian meat free burgers and a tasty tuna burger. For traditionalists, there was Ida’s Old School Burger. A lovely patty made with grass-fed beef, topped with tomato, griddled onion, house made pickles, crispy iceberg lettuce, mature cheddar and a good portion of the Short Order secret sauce. Nancy’s Backyard Burger was also totally delicious. This burger was a real treat and was made from a special dry aged beef blend. It was served with lots of crispy applewood bacon, iceberg lettuce, avocado, red onion, tomato, Comte cheese and a spicy mayo.

If you wanted any extra toppings or sauces on your burger, Short Order were very happy to accommodate you, so you can certainly have your burger just the way you wanted it. Of course that also applied the other way around. If a burger had a topping you weren’t keen on, or you wanted to swap a spicy sauce for a milder one, they were always happy to oblige.

The beef for these burgers was made from an entire steer that the restaurant bought in from the local Stemple Creek and Magruder Ranch. The cows were raised humanely, fed a natural diet without any genetically modified organisms and they were never given any hormones or antibiotics. This ensured the beef was of a very high quality.

Don’t forget the Pups

Hidden in the menu was a short Pup menu with just two pups listed. You could easily skip over these, on your way down to the burgers and melts, but if you did, you’d be missing a treat as they were particularly special and well worth a try. They offered just two pups. One was the corn pups, you got two corn pups for each order and this was made from smoked beef and pork links, corn batter and mustard, The other pup on offer was the pretzel pup and this was very special. You got a smoked beef sausage in a natural casing, served with mustard and kraut and a gorgeous short cake pretzel bun. Their short cake bakery buns were really delicious These pups made a lovely change from a burger once in a while.

Melts to melt your heart

It was easy to fall in love with the melts and sandos at Short Order LA. No morning visit was complete without Rob’s Breakfast Sando. A rustic panini packed full of bacon and eggs, along with cheddar cheese, avocado and spicy mayo. This filling breakfast sando certainly set you up nicely for the day ahead! For lunchtime, the tuna melt was always popular. Made with house cured albacore, this was served on soft country white bread, topped with tomatoes and of course lots of oozing melted aged cheddar.

All the eggs served up at Short Order LA came from Chino Valley Ranchers, a family run farm where the treatment of the chickens takes priority. When the chickens are well looked after and happy, they produce the tastiest eggs you could ever imagine.

Don’t forget the sauces

All the sauces at Short Order LA were home made and were pretty special. So whenever you ordered a meal, it was commonplace for many people to also order an extra portion of sauce. This habit became so popular that they had a special sauce menu for you to choose from. You could go for Mustardy mayo, not too hot, just right. There was a gorgeous ranch sauce. The spicy mayo had quite a kick, but if it wasn’t hot enough, you could opt for the hot sauce. If you prefer a BBQ sauce, then the chipotle BBQ sauce was pretty special. Then there were two extra special items on the sauce menu that certainly deserve a mention. The loaded baked potato dipping sauce, and the decadent truffle mayo. If you wanted a truly deluxe meal, then adding a side of these two sauces was a must.

Ahead of its time – order online!

Sadly Short Order LA isn’t open any more, this isn’t the official website of Short Order, but when it was open, they were keen to use all the latest technologies to make your dining experience even better. You could book a table online, at a time to suit you, so you’d know there would always be a table ready for you and you wouldn’t left waiting. You could also order your food online, so it would be ready to collect. Perfect if you wanted to pick up some burgers on your way home from work without having to wait.