Short Order – A fast service restaurant in LA


The right way to run a restaurant

While of course, any restaurant is fundamentally a business that needs to make profits, it’s important not to forget your own values when you are in search of that profit. This is something that Short Order LA got absolutely spot on. They simply did not compromise on their principals.

From the free range eggs, to the organic vegetables, every animal and vegetable had been grown with love and care. They never scrimped on the quality of ingredients used and that certainly shone through in the taste of every single dish on the menu.

You could tell they had taken the time to source the best ingredients, and it was great to know that everything had come from a local supplier. Buying local, and supporting local farmers was very important to the staff at Short Order and you’d always be given a treat when you ordered anything from the menu. No mass produced foods here. Just quality produce, that was incredibly fresh. When you choose suppliers that are just down the road, you know everything that is delivered to the restaurant is going to be as fresh as it possibly can be.

With many of the baked goods, pickles and sauces hand made on the premises, and others being sourced from local artisans, you would always get something really special and unusual at Short Order. On the surface, the menu items looked pretty ordinary, but it was these taste sensation additions that really made each dish unique and super tasty.

It’s a refreshing change when a restaurant doesn’t compromise on quality. There’s no doubt many of their ingredients were quite expensive, as the quality was so fine. They could have used lower grade ingredients and increased their profit margins, but they didn’t, and that’s something that should be celebrated. If only all restaurants were run this way we’d always have guilt free meals that taste really special instead of the bland mass produced foods of questionable origin that are so often sold in the restaurants of many towns all across the country. So although it doesn’t exist any longer, a huge Well Done is in order for Short Order LA.