Short Order – A fast service restaurant in LA

The cocktails at Short Order LA

Josh Goldman and Julian Cox were the resident mixologists at Short Order. They really knew their stuff, and this was so evident when you chose the Bartender’s Choice cocktail. These pro mixologists would ask you a few questions about other drinks you enjoyed, what flavors tempted you the most, and which spirits you preferred to drink. They would then mix you up a drink you’d never experienced before, but because it was tailor made for your tastes, it would a drink you’d really love. The only problem was trying not to have too many of them! What was even better was that this cocktail was reduced in price during Happy Hour, 3pm until 7pm every week day!

While it was tempting to always pick this cocktail, all the other cocktails on the menu were well worth a try too. The Martha Washington Rum Punch was a wintery delight that tasted of pure Christmas! This was made with rum, their own home made spiced syrup, cinnamon, orange curacao, nutmeg and bitters. The Boulevardier was a sophisticated blend of bourbon, campari, sweet vermouth and flamed orange peel. The Jackie O was a vodka based cocktail packed full of fruit flavors with grapefruit, fresh lemon juice and strawberries.

Another fruity cocktail at Short Order was the Hotel Nacional. This was made with rum and apricot brandy, it really warmed you up, it was like a hug in a glass. The addition of pineapple and freshly squeezed lime juice gave it a really fresh flavor too. For something a little different, the Farmers Market Smash was certainly worth trying. Rye, fresh mint, fresh lemon juice and seasonal local farm fruit made this a really refreshing cocktail, perfect for a summer afternoon. The final cocktail of note was the Gypsy Rose Lee. If she could tell your fortune, then it might possibly be that you’ll have a headache in the morning, because one of these delicious delights invariably led to two! This cocktail was made with scotch, to this was added meletti amaro, burlesque bitters,Laphroig mist and lemon twist.

Even if you didn’t drink cocktails, just watching the mixologists create the drinks was entertainment in itself!