Short Order – A fast service restaurant in LA

The drinks at Short Order LA

Award Winning Cocktails from Super Mixologists

The cocktails at Short Order were the high point of any visit. Mixed up by mixologists Josh Goldman and Julian Cox, you had could choose a cocktail from the menu, or simply opt for the Bartender’s Choice. This wasn’t simply a cocktail of the bartenders choosing, they would ask you about your favorite spirits and flavors, then mix you up something that you would surely love. Visit between 3pm and 7pm on a week day, and you could also get a discount on the Bartender’s Choice cocktail as it was Happy Hour.

Draft and Bottled Beers to Savour

There was always a great selection of beers to choose from. Always several on draught, and a few bottled offerings too. Whether you preferred a brown ale, a sour ale, a wheat ale or an IPA, you’d never leave disappointed.

Delicious wines from local vineyards

All the wine served at Short Order LA was made locally with the grapes all being grown at local vineyards. You could order just the one glass, or you could indulge in a whole bottle. You had plenty of choice too, red, white or rose. The Syrah Rose from Ojai Vineyard was a good choice that went well it anything you ordered from the menu. The Red Zindandel from Short Cellars was also a good choice and a fine accompaniment to the pure beef burgers.

Plenty of Non-alcoholic Options too!

If you didn’t fancy an alcoholic beverage, you didn’t need to feel as if you had a limited choice. Of course they served up all the usual drinks such as soda and juice, but you could also try one of the amazing custard shakes. These were so thick, they were like a meal in themselves, you had to be careful not to ruin your appetite if you had one of these before your meal arrived! Available in a variety of flavors, these were a real treat the whole family could enjoy.

High Quality Coffee and Teas

At Short Order, they served Verve Coffee which really hits the spots. A decaf version was also available if coffee doesn’t suit you well drunk later in the day. They also had a delicious iced coffee, perfect for those warmer days. A selection of tea was also on offer, including herbal varieties.