Short Order – A fast service restaurant in LA

The food at Short Order LA

The great thing about Short Order, is that it was a little different from the norm. While you got everything you’d expect for a casual dining, fast service restaurant, you also got some little extra twists that made the experience that bit more special, when you dined at Short Order.

Care and attention every step of the way

From sourcing the ingredients, to devising the menu and creating the dishes, it was obvious that so much care had been taken. Everything was truly made with love and this shone through in everything you ever ate at Short Order LA. The staff at Short Order truly cared that all the food was of the highest quality.

Locally sourced and humanely kept meats

Short Order made sure that all the animals bred for the meats used in the restaurant were all well looked after. For instance, the chickens and turkeys were all free range, so they were allowed to wander around the farm. The beef and lamb all came from Magruder Ranch and Stemple Creek Ranch. They were all fed on grass and were never given any hormones or antibiotics, so when you ate a burger at Short Order, you knew you weren’t getting any hidden nasty chemicals with your meat. It was 100% meat of the highest quality.

Organic locally grown vegetables and fruit

If you worry about food miles, you certainly had no cause for concern when you ordered your fresh salad from the menu at Short Order. It was all locally grown, often just down the road at one of the many local farms in the area. Organic produce was important to Short Order, so they made sure that all the vegetables used were free from pesticides, herbicides and fungicides.

Even the wines were local

There were some delicious wines on the wine list, and they all came from local vineyards. Whether you wanted white, red or rose, you’d find a good choice available.

Unique twists on classic dishes

At first glance, the food might look like that available at many other similar establishments. It was only when you started to eat your meal and examine it more closely, that the attention to detail in the preparation started to shine through. An unusual addition to the burger toppings, a little bit of extra special sauce. It was these details that made dining at Short Order a really special event.