Short Order – A fast service restaurant in LA

The menu at Short Order LA

If you were looking for casual fast food served in a relaxing environment with friendly service, then you would never be disappointed with a visit to Short Order LA. The menu was a cut above your usual fast food offerings, with some really special dishes that had obviously been created wit ha lot of thought and attention to detail, to ensure each dish was something truly special.

Super Starters and Sumptuous Sides

No burger meal or melt is complete without some great sides, and Short Order certainly had plenty to choose from. You could have a light bite of crispy pickle chips served up with a delicious house made ranch dressing to dip them into. Perfect for a starter while you waited for your main course, or ideal to have as a snack with one of Short Order’s famous cocktails. The thrice cooked old school fries were also a treat and of course went perfectly with any of the burgers on the menu.

Brilliant burgers to truly fulfil you

If your ordered a burger from Short Order, you could pretty much guarantee that you wouldn’t be going home hungry! There wasn’t just beef burgers on offer. Amy’s Turkey Burger was really special. This was made from free range turkey, and served up with 2 year old mature white cheddar and mustardy mayo. You also got leeks and melted celery on this one. Or perhaps you’d have the lamb burger, made with sonoma grass fed lamb and served with arugula, salsa verde and feta cheese.

Grab a comforting melt

Love your cheesesteak? Then the obvious option to go for would be the S.O. Cheesesteak, made with grass fed beef, served with a generous helping of beef sauce, smothered in cheese whiz, with roasted peppers, caramelized onion, a drizzle of chili vinegar to add that little extra zing, and served up on a rustic panini. If you were lucky, you’d turn up on a day when the Rueben was available. This house made corned brisket on rye bread was served with kraut, Comte cheese and a Russian dressing.

A fine selection of summery salads

There was also many salads to choose from, perfect when the weather was warmer if you wanted something really refreshing and light. From the bean salad to the frisee lardon salad, they were all very tasty and well portioned.