Short Order – A fast service restaurant in LA

Short Order LA supported local suppliers

Short Order believed it was incredibly important to know exactly where your food comes from. There’s a lot to be said for that, when you can trace the origins of your food, and rest assured that the food you eat is not actually contaminated with toxic chemicals, and that any meat you eat has been kept humanely.

Short Order chose their suppliers very carefully. They needed to find suppliers who loved what they did and produced food of the very highest quality, without the use of chemicals, hormones or other nasty additives. They chose the following suppliers to provide the quality food for their restaurant…

Mary’s Certified Free Range Chickens and Turkeys – The Pitman Family Farm in the San Joaquin Valley is the home of Mary’s Certified Free Range Chickens and Turkeys. The free range poultry are fed healthy grains, free from pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and are guaranteed GMO free.

Stemple Creek Ranch – A family owned cattle ranch in Marin County, all the lamb and beef is 100% grass fed, allowed to graze on organic pastures.

TCHOTCHO make some amazing chocolate. They work directly with the cacao farmers to ensure the cacao is fairly traded, and then made into the best quality chocolate products.

North Country Smokehouse – Established in 1912, this authentic charcuterie uses only natural ingredients and traditional curing methods and recipes. The products are smoked in small batches over local hardwood.

Chino Valley Ranchers – Three generations of have run this family business, focusing on humane treatment of poultry for the tastiest eggs.

Magruder Ranch – Another family owned ranch, the animals graze on 2400 acres of organic pasture.

SQUIRL – Based right in LA, this company makes the most amazing pickles and jams from organic ingredients, making the most of the fruit and vegetables that are in season.

Straus Family Creamery – A family run business, this organic creamery is based in Marshall and makes gorgeous butter, milk, yoghurt and ice cream. It’s all from their cows that have never been given hormones or antibiotics, and they are always fed GMO free foods.

Jimanez Family Farm – This small family farm in the Santa Ynez Valley goes ‘beyond organic’ with a true dedication to growing produce that everyone can put their confidence in.